Tom James Gallery Fundraising

An art inspired fundraising opportunity for your organization

Tom James, a master painter of original operatic artwork, will partner with you to provide beautiful paintings to your patrons and raise money for your organization.

It's simple.

When you sign up at to participate in the fundraising program, you can download our button on your website. From there, you will receive an immediate profit on all paid sales from any of our Tom James Gallery websites. An art inspired fundraising opportunity for your organization For further details please contact

Join our affiliate network - just sign up

  1. Use this form to sign up for the program
  2. You will receive an affiliate code from us
  3. Display our button or text link on your website
  4. Direct your patron to our site and we fulfill orders
  5. 30% of each sale by your patrons will be donated to your organization

A broad array of products and paintings are available, as well as incentive gifts for your patrons. Gift Certificates available for birthdays, holidays, graduations and more……

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